• Unprecedented Customer Prizes
    10,000 people contacted
    Only $3,995*

    An unprecedented contest with a real WOW factorr to motivate people to come to your dealership!

    Let's be honest. We all know consumers have grown tired of the same old dealer incentive programs. 

    They receive a post card in the mail promising the world or a $10 value gift. The vast majority of the people bleieve they willl win the cheapest prize so the bottom line is will that $10 prize motivate them to actually come to your dealership?

    Our program has an absolute wow factor and one that we are sure you will agree will get people's attention.

    We offer an unprecented contest with prizes that will motivate people to visit your dealership.

    Individual's that visit your dealership and fulfill the criteria you establish (to test drive a car, get their car appraised, etc.) will be guaranteed one of three prizes:

    A. $200 in CASH

    B. $300 in CASH

    C. An 8 Day/ 7 Night Vacation Voucher valid at some of the most popular resorts in the country (including local areas like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Dells and more). 

    Most people beleive they will only win the least expensive prize. 

    When consumers see the 3 prizes they will automatically believe the least expensive prize is $200 in CASH.  The question is will $200 in CASH motivate someone to come to your dealership? All we can say is it will motivate people a lot more than a $25 gift card, a cheap grill or radio.

    *Special pricing is for a limited time only.